A collection of amazing Easter recipes including delicious options for main course dishes, casseroles, vegetable sides and decadent desserts such as instant pot ham, strawberry spinach salad and peanut butter eggs. It’s the ultimate menu plan for any Easter brunch or dinner.

Easter is one of those holidays that calls for a big feast with family gathered round. For us, it doesn’t feel like Easter if there isn’t a big ham on the table with all the sides and desserts the family can muster. That’s why I put together this list of tasty Easter recipes, so you can put together your own Easter feast or even add to it this year.

A group of images of amazing Easter recipes including honey roasted carrots, grilled lamb chops and stovetop mac and cheese.

The kids always look forward to helping with Easter treats when the holiday rolls around. I like to try and find something useful yet fun when choosing what recipes they will get to make. I’ve included some dessert recipes specifically for Easter that the kids would love.

Easter has a lot of sides similar to Thanksgiving so it always feels like we get two Thanksgivings at our house each year. Of course, many of the sides are lighter and center around vegetables to match the spring vibes. It wouldn’t be an Easter feast without plenty of vegetables to choose from.

These amazing recipes cover everything from dinner to dessert. Sometimes we just need inspiration or maybe a reminder of those classic dishes that are always a hit. Either way, this list of recipes has you covered.

I recommend choosing a main course to start, like a ham or some spring lamb. Next, pick a starchy side, potato dishes are always popular this time of the year. Choose at least one or two veggies to round out the meal; I often go with a green vegetable and one other type. Finally, select a festive dessert for a sweet finish to the meal. Looking for more Easter treats? Check out my list of 30 Easter Dessert Recipes and 22 Easter Peeps Recipes.

A photo collage of Easter recipes including stove top mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole.
Loaded mashed potato casserole topped with melted cheese, bacon and herbs.

Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole

This make ahead loaded mashed potato casserole is full of bacon, cheese, sour cream and chives – it’s the perfect no-fuss side dish for a holiday meal.
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Honey roasted carrots in a baking dish, garnished with chopped parsley.

Honey Roasted Carrots

This recipe for honey roasted carrots is whole carrots, bathed in honey and seasonings, then roasted over high heat until tender and caramelized. A super easy yet elegant side dish!
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Grilled lamb chops on a plate garnished with parsley and lemon.

Grilled Lamb Chops

These grilled lamb chops are coated in a savory garlic and herb marinade, then cooked to tender perfection. A quick and easy dinner option that's both easy and elegant, and always gets rave reviews!
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This recipe for a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows is mashed spiced sweet potatoes, topped with both a pecan streusel topping and plenty of mini marshmallows. A holiday classic that's a family favorite!

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

This recipe for a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows is mashed spiced sweet potatoes, topped with both a pecan streusel topping and plenty of mini marshmallows. A holiday classic that’s a family favorite!
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A whole spiral cut coca cola ham on a platter.

Coca Cola Ham

This coca cola ham is a spiral cut ham coated in a coke and brown sugar glaze, then baked to perfection. A 3 ingredient recipe that’s perfect for a special occasion!
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A pot of stovetop mac and cheese with a serving spoon in it.

Stovetop Mac and Cheese

This stovetop mac and cheese is a one pot dish of tender macaroni in an ultra creamy cheese sauce. The best macaroni and cheese recipe!
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A pile of strawberries inside a graham cracker crust, topped with a shiny red glaze, whipped cream and mint.

Fresh Strawberry Pie

This fresh strawberry pie recipe is a no bake delight that’s made with a graham cracker crust, loads of fresh strawberries and a sweet glaze. Top it with whipped cream for a show stopping finish to any meal!
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Bacon wrapped asparagus on a serving plate.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

These bacon wrapped asparagus bundles are an easy yet elegant side dish that’s sure to garner rave reviews! The asparagus stalks are wrapped in bacon, coated in a brown sugar glaze and roasted to perfection.
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A casserole dish of scalloped potatoes and ham, topped with melted cheese and parsley.

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

This scalloped potatoes and ham recipe is a layered casserole of thinly sliced potatoes in cheese sauce with diced ham, all baked together to golden brown perfection. A hearty and satisfying main course or side dish option that always gets rave reviews!
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A bowl of strawberry spinach salad with poppy seed dressing, feta cheese and sliced avocado.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This strawberry spinach salad is a blend of baby spinach leaves, fresh strawberries, red onion, almonds, feta cheese and avocado, all tossed in a poppy seed dressing. A fresh and colorful salad that's fit for any occasion!
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A collection of pictures of holiday recipes like candied carrots and peanut butter eggs.
A dish of bacon roasted brussels sprouts with parsley.

Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These bacon roasted Brussels sprouts are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of smoky flavor. An easy side dish that will convert even the most staunch Brussels sprouts haters!
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Birds nest cookies are a no bake dessert made with chocolate and chow mein noodles.

Birds Nest Cookies

These no bake birds nest cookies are made with chocolate, butterscotch and chow mein noodles, then finished off with candy eggs. The perfect easy Easter dessert!
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An Instant Pot ham served on a platter with herbs and fruit.

Instant Pot Ham

This Instant Pot ham is a spiral ham coated in a 3 ingredient glaze, then pressure cooked to tender perfection. A quick and easy way to prepare ham that always gets rave reviews!
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Candied carrots in a pan with a serving spoon.

Candied Carrots

These candied carrots are sliced carrots in a brown sugar and butter glaze that are simmered until tender. It’s a super easy side dish that’s perfect for a weeknight dinner or a holiday meal!
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A ham covered in homemade ham glaze, garnished with fruit.

Ham Glaze Recipe

This ham glaze is a combination of butter, brown sugar, pineapple juice and spices, all simmered together until thickened. Coat a ham in this glaze, then bake the ham to golden brown perfection and watch the rave reviews come in.
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Zucchini gratin with creamy zucchini, cheese and crispy breadcrumbs.

Zucchini Gratin

This zucchini gratin is layers of tender sauteed zucchini and cheese in a creamy sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and baked to perfection. A simple yet elegant side dish!
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A berry chantilly cake on a cake stand, topped with fresh berries and mint sprigs.

Berry Chantilly Cake

This recipe for berry chantilly cake is a light and yellow cake with plenty of fresh berries and a unique fluffy whipped cream frosting. The perfect cake for a celebration!
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This ham with pineapple and cherries is a classic recipe with one secret ingredient that really takes it over the top. The ULTIMATE holiday ham!

Ham with Pineapple and Cherries

This ham with pineapple and cherries is a classic recipe with one secret ingredient that really takes it over the top. The ULTIMATE holiday ham!
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A stack of peanut butter eggs coated in chocolate.

Peanut Butter Eggs

These homemade peanut butter eggs are a copycat recipe that taste even better than the Reese’s eggs you buy at the store!
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A platter of rack of lamb garnished with fresh herbs.

Rack of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

This rack of lamb is coated with garlic and fresh herbs, then roasted in the oven until tender and juicy. The perfect recipe for any special occasion that takes just minutes to put together!
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You are sure to have the best holiday ever when you try these recipes. There is something for everyone with these delicious dishes.

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