These irresistible Easter Peeps recipes are a fun and colorful collection of treats that are perfect for spring like Easter Peeps cupcakes, Peeps s’mores and Peeps brownies!

Peeps are a ubiquitous Easter treat. While they’re fun to eat on their own, they’re even more fun to turn into creative desserts to delight your friends and family.

A collection of irresistible Easter Peeps recipes such as layered Peeps crispy rice treats, Easter dirt cupcakes and Peep-stuffed jello shots.

Peeps are kind of a fun treat, aren’t they? I have known people to either really love them or hate them, there isn’t really an in-between. If you are a lover of these marshmallow treats, you will be over the moon with these Easter Peeps recipes. Beautifully and uniquely put together, there is a recipe for everyone.

From simple desserts, your kids can make with you to the more artistic and detailed offerings, you would not believe what can be done with Peeps. There are even recipes for adult gatherings including jello shots! Use these marshmallow chicks and bunnies as decoration, or melt them down to create a number of different treats.

If you love these adorable and colorful candies, you’ll love this comprehensive list of Peeps recipes! For more great Easter entertaining ideas, be sure to look at my list of 20 Easter Recipes and 30 Easter Dessert Recipes.

22 Irresistible Easter Peeps Recipes

A group of irresistible Easter Peeps recipes including Easter Peeps fruit kabobs, Easter Peeps dirt pudding cups and Easter Peeps pops.
An image of a coconut cake with peeps on top.

6-Layer (Or 3) Coconut Covered Chocolate Peeps Cake.

A coconut covered chocolate cake with Peeps on top.
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An image of bunny dirt cups.

Adorable Bunny Dirt Cups Recipe

Easy and creative bunny dirt cups. They are perfect for your next gathering or school party.
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Skewers with colorful fruit and pink peeps.

Easter Peeps Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs that feature a rainbow collection of fruits and bunny Peeps.
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An image of peeps dirt pudding cups.

Easter Peeps Dirt Pudding Cups

A fun Easter treat using the classic dirt pudding recipe makes a perfect dessert for your family.
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Candy pops with peeps dipped in a white coating.

Easter Peeps Pops

These darling little Easter Peeps pops can be made in just a few minutes and only require three ingredients. Simple, sweet and so easy to make!
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An image of a mini Bundt cake with a peeps candy on top.

Easter Bunny Bundt Cakes

Get excited for springtime with these adorable Easter bunny Bundt cakes topped with vanilla buttercream and sugar-coated marshmallow peeps!
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Chocolate cupcakes with peeps and jellybeans on top.

Easter Dirt Cupcakes

These easy Easter dirt cupcakes are a fun treat to make for Easter parties and dinners. The hidden pudding center always gets smiles!
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Peeps Jello shots with green peeps sitting on egg cups.

Peep-Stuffed Jello Shots

These Peep stuffed jello shots are perfect for parties!
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A group of irresistible Easter Peeps recipes like Peeps candy bars, Peeps milkshakes and Peeps bunny pudding cups.
Toasted Marshmallow Easter Peeps Milkshakes

Toasted Marshmallow Easter Peeps Milkshakes

With just a few ingredients, these super quick and easy toasted marshmallow Easter Peeps milkshakes are totally a kid-friendly Easter dessert!
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Homemade Peeps

Homemade Peeps

You can make your own homemade Peeps with this fun recipe.
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Layered Peeps Crispy Rice Treats

Layered Peeps Crispy Rice Treats

Crispy rice treats with a twist – they’re made with marshmallow Peeps and layered for a beautiful, colorful Easter treat!
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Party Peeps Eclair Cake Cups

Party Peeps Eclair Cake Cups

Party Peeps éclair cake cups are easy no bake Easter desserts. Layers of funfetti pudding and crackers are loved by kids of all ages.
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An image of peeps candy bars.

Peeps Candy Bars

Use up leftover peeps to make these delightfully plush and super gooey Peeps candy bars.
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Brownies with pink bunny peeps on top half covered in chocolate.

Easter Bunny Peeps in a Blanket Brownies

These Easter bunny Peeps in a banket brownies are a super fun Easter dessert recipe! Moist and chewy brownies are topped with cute bunny Peeps and dipped in chocolate. Kids love them!
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An image of peeps brownie bombs.

Peeps Brownie Bombs

If you’ve ever wondered how delicious fudgy, rich brownies are with puffy, sugary marshmallows, you don’t need to wonder anymore! These are the best of both worlds, coated in creamy white chocolate and sprinkles.
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Peeps Bunny Pudding Cups

Peeps Bunny Pudding Cups

Easter Peeps bunny pudding cups are made with Oreos, pudding, coconut, a mini carrot and peeps! Easter bunny dirt cups are an easy treat to make with your kids!
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Several images of Easter desserts such as a rainbow Peeps trifle, Peeps s’mores and Easter Peeps cupcakes.
Bunny peeps sitting in small pie crusts filled with chocolate..

Peeps Pudding S’mores Pies

These Peeps pudding s’mores pies are a quick, cute, and easy Easter treat. Fun for kids to put together on their own!
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Easter Peeps Cupcakes

Easter Peeps Cupcakes

These Easter Peeps Cupcakes are just the sweetest Easter cupcakes and they are so easy to make!
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An image of a rainbow peeps trifle.

Rainbow Peeps Trifle

A trifle featuring Peeps, rainbow cake, lemon pie filling and whipped topping.
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An image of several s'mores made with peeps.

Peeps S’mores

Leftover Peeps? These Peeps s’mores are the answer! Marshmallow Peeps, milk chocolate and graham crackers make the perfect Easter s’mores!
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Swimming Peeps Jello Cups

Swimming Peeps Jello Cups

A cute and easy Easter recipe that features Peeps in cups of jello.
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An image of peeps cake batter candy.

Peeps Cake Batter Candy

A candy that tastes like cake flavored fudge made with Peeps.
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Try these incredible recipes made with Peeps to surprise and delight your friends and family. The only thing more fun than eating Easter candy is cooking with Easter candy! You simply can’t go wrong with these treats, whether you’re serving a formal holiday meal, hosting an egg hunt, or simply celebrating the spring season.

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    Wow, Peep heaven here! I like them best when they are stale and chewy! I’m adding these cute ideas to my holiday meal!

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    How colorful and festive. I can’t seem to choose which one to make first. My children are grown but they never outgrew their eagerness to have some Peeps especially during Easter.

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  11. I know a few Peeps fans that I’m sure will be all over this post. I’ve never been a fan but I’ve used them in decorations.

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